Pet-Friendly Weed Killers

You want to take care of your garden, and you also want to take care of your pet. Most weed killers are toxic. They are effective in killing the weed, but they pose a danger to human beings and as well as pet friendly weed killer.

The good news is that there are many safe weed-killing alternatives. Here are the most effective methods.

Home-Made Weed Killers

This uses items you are likely to have at your home. It doesn’t require special accessories and tools. They are cheap and easy to use.

Pulling Weed

This is one of the oldest and safest weed killing methods. You will have to spend little extra energy and time in pulling the weeds but that it is pet-friendly and has zero cost makes it worth the effort.

Boiling Water

Boiling water will kill all plants in the given area. Therefore it is best for an area where you do not want to keep any growing plant such as sidewalk or driveway. It cooks the weeds, making the plant die. Though temporary, it is a cheap and highly effective safe weed killing method.


For a cup of water, use a tablespoon of vinegar. Put it in a spray bottle, and mist it on weeds you want to do away with. It is most effective on sunny days. For tough weeds, you need to repeat this a few times for the weed to completely die.


Sugar reacts with soil and this makes the soil temporarily unsuitable for plants growth. Pour some sugar at the base of the plant you want to kill. Sugar is likely to attract some pests. To counter this, add an equal amount of chili to the sugar. Since sugar does not work on all types of soil, it’s only effective for specific weeds. Ensure that it works for your soil type and the weed you want to do away with.


Salt is as effective as sugar. Since it kills all weeds in a particular area, only use it in areas where you do not want any growing plant. It is effective for areas such as cracks in driveways, brick paths, and sidewalk linings.

Other Friendly Weed Preventive Measures

Landscape Fabric

One of the other methods of controlling weed growth is landscape fabric. Although it does not kill existing weeds, it is effective in controlling their growth. It covers small areas. It has some limitations. Thus you need to be sure that it works well for you.

Commercial Weed Killers

There are a few pet-friendly commercial weed killers. When buying one, have a look at the ingredients and ensure that none is toxic. You can also check its reviews on being pet-friendly.

Garden Mulch

Plants need sunlight for photosynthesis. In the absence of light, they can’t grow. This makes garden mulch effective in killing weeds in the garden or lawn.

Combining these pet-friendly weed killers will make them more effective. These methods will keep us and our pets safe. They are even better because they are inexpensive. Thus you get to save some cash.

carpet cleaning

How to Identify a Good Carpet Cleaner

Choosing a carpet cleaner is one of the most challenging things. You need to make sure that you choose a carpet cleaner that will guarantee you quality and efficient services. When choosing a carpet cleaner, it is always sensible to choose one that is new your area.

Carpet Cleaning Lake Oswego company will come to your premises and clean your carpet in the shortest time possible. Apart from choosing a local carpet cleaner, there are some features that you need to consider when looking for a good carpet cleaner:

Cleaning technology

Before you choose a carpet cleaner, make sure and ask about the cleaning technology that they use. A good carpet cleaner should be able to clean your carpet using the latest technology. Using the latest technology is a good way to make sure that your carpet is cleaned in the best way possible.carpet stained by wine

Modern cleaning technology is used to remove all the dirt in the carpet. The latest carpet cleaning technology also helps in drying the carpet fast. You need to make sure that the process of carpet cleaning is not as long as using other methods.

Specialized cleaning

It is always important to ask if the company that you hire offers specialized cleaning services. With specialized cleaning, you can be sure that your sofa will not be damaged. Carpets come in different types and designs.

A good cleaning company will first study the type of fabric that you have and use the best cleaning method for the fabric. Using specialized cleaning is a good way to avoid carpet damage.

Pest elimination and resistance

Cleaning a carpet is not just about removing dirt accumulated on the carpet. It is important to remove dirt and dust that is accumulated over time. The best way eliminate the pest from your house is to consider hiring a good carpet cleaning company.

The carpet cleaning company will not only remove dirt and dust from your carpet, but they will also help you to get rid of dust and dirt on the carpet.

carpet cleaning

Reliable and professional

A good carpet cleaning company should be reliable and professional. You need to consider hiring a company that can be trusted for quality and efficient service.

Once you hire a carpet cleaning company, they will be required to visit your premises. Visiting your premises means that the company should act professionally. They should do the job in a fast and efficient manner.

What to Observe When Remodeling Your Kitchen

As you probably know, kitchen remodeling can be quite costly. Thus, it is a good idea to have a plan and operate within a set budget. You need to balance between aesthetics and functionality of the equipment you want to use. For instance, an innovatively designed kitchen that does not have storage for food items and utensils is not important. Therefore, you should look at certain factors before remodeling your kitchen.

Know the required equipment

3e43e2 kitchen remodel equipmentThere is a need to have a solid plan on how to remodel your kitchen. First, determine the required equipment and what should be replaced. It is advisable to consult a technician about the model and size of the appliances. You can visit the nearest hardware to get the items you need. It is a good idea to gather information and ideas from friends, books, and magazines.


After choosing the type of equipment you want, it is important to formulate scope of work. Also, you should estimate the amount of money to spend. You can visit various outlets and compare the rates for appliances you need. You are free to consult widely. Look for various technicians and ask for estimates. In this way, you can calculate total cost and then compare it with your budget.

Hiring a technician

It is advisable to hire a qualified technician to remodel your kitchen. This is necessary to ensure everything is carried out to the set standards. Thus, you need to know about the experience and academic qualification of the technician. You preferred technician should have a wealth of knowledge in areas such as masonry, electrical engineering, and plumbing. In some instances, you may need several technicians from different academic backgrounds.

Designing the kitchen

fr54556 kitchen design With the assistance of a technician, you can sketch the kitchen. If you are planning to install large cabinets, you can increase your kitchen space. The good thing about designing the kitchen is that it can help you determine the materials you need and their quantities.

Preparing for work

Before the work starts, you should carry out the required preparations. Some of the activities to carry out include removing various things you do not need, arranging your temporary kitchen, and wiping the cabinets. In some instances, you may have to move out of the house depending on the nature of remodeling taking place.

How to Choose a Roofing Company

It is not an easy task to know the best roofer to hire. The following tips are very important in assisting you to select the best roofing contractor who can offer quality service.


23e insurance 62t6The contractor you are searching for must have the worker’s compensation and liability insurance. It is advisable to call the insurance carrier to confirm that the certificates are valid. Also, get to know that part of the cost of the roof and the service provided to enable you determines if you are protected by the security of coverage.

Local contractor

Local companies are best to choose. This is because they have a good reputation in the community and are very well established.


Price is not always the best factor. Good insurance has to establish pricing to cover overhead costs and remember that cheap bids can drive down the market.

Work can be made cheaper by those working out of a pick-up truck or those that are working on the site. Tough, you may get what you pay for at the end of it, customers end up spending more money to fix problems that come as a result.

Job details

2w2 roofing companyYou need to be in control of your roofing project. Never give funds until all the work is completed. Ensure you are happy with the results and payment terms are as discussed before the start of the project. It is important that payment terms are adhered to by both parties. It is necessary to ask the contractor how long it will take to complete the project. This will give you an idea of what to expect and arrange to have funds available on the completion day.

Communication is paramount

Did the contractor answer your calls? Did you get documentation from them? If you answer “no” to above questions, then you need to communicate the issues to representatives of the company. If they are poor communicators, you have a right to walk away. The truth is that communication is quite important in every aspect. If you cannot get what you want before signing a contract, then the contractor is not going to be reliable when carrying out the work.

Avoid being pressured by some forceful tactics to give the roofing work to a particular company. Take your time to review the contract before signing it.