Tips for Choosing Log Furniture

If you like that rustic appearance, then you should purchase log furniture for your home. There are certain rules to follow which can help you make the right choice. The first thing to do is to consider the style of your house. Do you need furniture that is completely rustic? Do you want to add a rustic touch to the room? The following are things to consider:


34r log furniture A home which features large logs and spacious ceilings need a different flavor of the rustic furniture as compared to the conventional counterparts. If your room is made up of logs or you installed a fireplace made of logs, then you need to create a massive log look of furniture as well. Otherwise, the log furniture will appear insignificant and dwarfed.

It does not matter whether the log furniture you bought is a cabin, large pieces appear better as compared to small ones. In fact, it makes the room look full without getting cluttered. If the bedroom has a huge cathedral ceiling, then you need a canopy bed that helps full out your dimensions. There are many things you can do with lighting and artwork to utilize your space.

Types of wood

You can use a broad range of wood types to make your rustic furniture. The following are some of them:

Steam-bent hickory

This type of wood type is quite durable and flexible. Even if your child climbs to the top of hickory, it can withstand his or her weight without breaking. Hickory is treated by heating it with steam for a given period. These poles can be formed into various types of furniture. After steaming, they are left to dry. This makes them rigid and can retain their shape when dry.

Northern white cedar

This is grown in Canada and Northern Michigan. The good thing about it is that it can withstand the abuse of seasonal elements. Moreover, it has a beautiful color after being milled. Over time, it changes its color to gray. You can treat it with quality finish to ensure it retains its color.

Red cedar

This tree belongs to juniper family. It has a deep aromatic smell. It is heavy, and it is naturally rot and insect resistant. Furniture made from this type of wood adds beauty and character.3r454 log furniture 6y6

Shopping for quality

Remember that not each piece of log furniture is made equal. It does not matter how comfortable or stylish it is. Check the quality of materials and craftsmanship employed.