New Lewisville CSA Pick Up Location!

We are very excited to announce our second CSA pick up location.  The new pick up will be at Food and Fitness in Lewisville every Friday afternoon.  It is conveniently located for customers in the Lewisville, Flower Mound, and Coppell areas.  If you or someone you know would like to pick up a share at this new spot, you can sign up on our CSA page.  Big thanks to Tony at Food and Fitness for hosting the pick up!!

The address is:

928 N. Garden Ridge Blvd. Lewisville, TX

Pick up time: 

Fridays 2-6pm


Thanks again to the staff at Food and Fitness! We appreciate your support!

You can sign up to pick up a share at this location by clicking HERE


One Response to New Lewisville CSA Pick Up Location!

  1. colleen says:

    i want to buy local organic foods for my sister in law for christmas since she has a lot of health issues. i live in lewisville and she lives in oklahoma. if you guys offered shipping, that would be amazing!!! but if not, i would like to be able to pick up about 2 weeks worth of produce for her and my brother before i leave for their house on dec 22.they have a very specific diet they have to follow and i know your shares are usual only a few items. so, is it possible for me to buy a half or full share of food and recieve that quantity all at once? also, do you guys offer things like soap or honey or mushrooms or eggs or plants or meat or bath salts or clothing? because my brother is a sucker for artisan soap, my sis wants to start a garden, everyone wants local honey (and its practically medicine for my sis in law), or herbal tea? can your shares include some of the local beers? i would love to give some to my dad. can i gift a membership to someone? could you pass this along to some of your suppliers? i would love to be able to buy from them directly if it doesnt work with your business model. i’m glad you guys have a pick up that is so close. please let me know!

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